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Low Testosterone Panel

Our Price: $150.00


According to the Endocrine Society's Clinical Guidelines "Testosterone Therapy in Adult Men with Androgen Deficiency Syndromes" to properly evaluate the need for testosterone therapy, clinicians should consider measuring serum testosterone levels when patients report the following manifestations (among others).



Testosterone- Total

Our Price: $40.00


Testosterone testing is used to evaluate androgen excess or deficiency related to gonadal function, adrenal function, or tumor activity. Testosterone levels may be helpful in men for the diagnosis of hypogonadism, hypopituitarism, Klinefelter syndrome, and impotence (low values).



Hormone Panel - Female

Our Price: $120.00


Tests included in our panel: Estradiol, FSH, LH, and Progesterone



Hormone Panel - Male

Our Price: $120.00


Tests included in our panel: DHEA / Sulfate, PSA Total, Testosterone - Free, Direct, with Total



Our Price: $40.00




Our Price: $70.00



FSH and LH

Our Price: $40.00




Our Price: $40.00



Reverse T3

Our Price: $90.00



Reverse T3 - Reverse T3 (RT3 or REVT3) is a biologically inactive form of T3. Normally, when T4 is converted to T3 in the body, a certain percentage of the T3 is in the form of RT3. When the body is under stress, such as during a serious illness, thyroid hormone levels may be outside of normal ranges even though there is no thyroid disease present.



Bio-Identical Hormone Tests for Men and Women

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